DIY Garage Therapy Flexor billet

DIY Flexor billet

There are many methods to construct a DIY Flexor billet. The most popular ones include using a jigsaw or plywood, soft cloth, glue, and a soft cloth. To ensure your board is strong and stable, measure the board carefully. Measure the distance between each board to determine the span. To help you determine the appropriate span of your board, draw a straight line on the board vertically (bearing away from the wall) by placing a pencil at the center. This will give a better idea how large your board should be.


To begin your project, you will need to cut the plywood in a way that fits along the long side. Then, use the soft cloth for cleaning any dirt, dust, or debris off the edges. Lay the board horizontally, with the longest side facing the wall. Next, cut the plywood diagonally to fit against the plywood. You can now attach the board to the plywood using a drywall knife or screws. Depending upon how secure you want the board to be, you can use nails or screws.

Bill Of Materials Digistamp
ver 1.6 1/31/2017
Item # Reference Part Number Package MFG
1 3 PL603035 RC0805FR-0749R9L Disc Magnet cms magnetics
2 2 C3216Y5V1E106Z PTS645SL50SMTR LFS Charge Pump Inverter Altera
3 3 A32298-ND TPS60403DBV APT2012SRCPRV
4 8 APT2012SRCPRV A31174-ND LED 2X1.2MM 570NM GN WTR CLR SMD McMaster-Carr

Now you can bend the board after you have attached it. Use the drywall knives to hold the board in one place. Then use a tool to bend the board back into U shapes using a hammer. To avoid stretching the board while you bend it, you’ll want to start from the far end. To create a crease in your board, you will need to start on one side. Next, run the knife across the board. Once you have created the U-shaped crease, you can carefully move the board back and forth until it is level with the wall.

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