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How Is The Earth Like A Magnet?

how is earth like a magnet

How is the earth like a magnet to magnets? If you think about it, you may realize that the earth is actually very similar to magnets. We have all seen these magnets when they are in the air and they tend to be attracted to one another. They also tend to be repelled from objects. So in a way, they can both be considered as magnets.


Now, let’s consider if magnets can also be “magnetized” to an object. This means that a magnet can actually attract another magnet when they are near each other. In the same way, earth can attract something, even other parts of the universe with it. It’s not only magnets that can be magnetized, though. You can also have magnets and magnetic fields that will help to keep your body in balance.


It’s believed that there is a correlation between your health and your magnetic field. You can see this in various ways. For example, some people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome tend to have a very low magnetic field. This is because their magnetic fields get weaker as they age. Other people, however, have a very high magnetic field because of what they eat or drink, so they tend to have a much more balanced magnetic field.

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