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Neodymium balls

Neodymium balls, usually very small spherical balls, are made as an artistic medium, a stress relieving product, and a decorative tool. There are several different types of these balls.

The most common is the round ball, which comes in all colors and shapes. They can be painted to make them seem like they have paint splotches on them, or they can have colored paint splotches painted on them. The paint can also be removed for a more unique look. The balls can also be painted to resemble different objects that you would like, such as a flower, a sunflower, or the American flag.

Another popular ball is the hexagonal ball. This is made up of six evenly sized hexagonal disks. They look like squares, but the center has a tiny hole in it. A small hole is cut into each square, and the “hole” is then covered in black paint. The hole is then closed with some sort of a band or pin that allows the hexagonal ball to spin.

For a more creative use of the magnetic balls, many people decorate the outer surfaces of their home using them. One way they are used to decorate your home is by covering the walls or ceilings with magnets. You can make the entire wall or ceiling to look like a jungle with several smaller balls on each wall. Another fun way to use the magnets is to attach them to your picture frame. The small balls will catch the tiny little pictures and frames and give them a beautiful, realistic look.

There are many other interesting uses for these balls. One of the most common uses is to play with them. A lot of children love to play with them and will often use them to play “prison chess”, where two balls are placed side by side and each can roll a piece of chess piece around the table. They can even be used to create a maze, with two balls lying down, one on each side of the maze.

Magnetic balls can also be used to create something that is really unique. Most people who have made these things have done so as a fun project, or as a means of relieving themselves from stress. Some people like to place them on their computer screen in front of their television and watch them spin. while they play a game on their computer.

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