Neodymium Sphere Magnets


– Available in Different Shapes and Sizes

Neodymium sphere bearings are used for a variety of purposes and are especially suitable for people who work in industrial settings. These products are made from strong neodymium that is magnetized. The magnetized balls have strong Neodymium which are coated with a material that attracts the magnetism. They are placed in a housing and are protected by a cover that has an electrostatic charge. The housing keeps the balls safe and protects them from any injury.

These products are known as Neodymium sphere bearings and are made of heavy neodymium sphere that are coated with a thin layer of magnetized coating that provides them protection. When these products are used they are best used for industrial purposes. The magnetic spheres are available in different sizes and shapes. These spheres are used for the following purposes. Home usage: They are used to hold the magnetic balls so that they may be readied for use.

They are designed in a way that the electrical current passing through them does not get disturbed. The Neodymium sphere magnets are available in different sizes and you can choose one according to the size of the magnet. You will also get them in different shapes. The more the size of the magnet; the stronger the magnetizing force.

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