Uses For Stainless Steel

Uses For Stainless Steel


Uses For stainless steel


Stainless Steel plates or usually known as Hot Rolled items is utilized in several applications where strength and durability are a priority. Hot Rolled steel plate is favored over cold rolled sheet as a result of greater strength and durability it provides while being more cost effective. Most stainless steel goods are often used in the automotive, food service and industrial sectors. The most common uses for this item is as a reinforcement in the building of bridges, columns and skyscrapers. As its title suggests, the process where the steel is heated and then cooled reduces the level of friction from the alloy. Because of this the formation of hard, tough and durable sheets is diminished which contributes to the reduction in corrosion and an increase in the life of the metal.


Stainless steel plate has great corrosion resistance properties and is resistant to stress cracking and distortion that makes it ideal for use in shipbuilding market. It is also used as a reinforcement in the suspension of railway cars and trucks. Using stainless steel in the construction of bridges and skyscrapers provides added strength to the construction and reduces the threat of collapse. These sheets are also used for building residential buildings like apartment complexes. Stainless steel sheets are used for reinforcing columns in buildings that are tall and providing added advantage where load bearing capacities are low, this in turn leads to a reduction in construction cost and increase in lifespan of the construction.


With the advent of modern technology and innovative manufacturing techniques stainless steel has gone through considerable improvement, particularly in corrosion resistance. This quality contributes tremendously to the overall durability of this stainless steel product. Stainless steels are very much utilized in the food and beverage industry too, in which high temperature resistance properties make them a favorite option. As stainless steels have excellent ductility and resistance to corrosion, they are broadly employed as hot-water tanks, vessel construction material, metal plant components, chemical plants & Pharmaceuticals, automotive sector, dental fillings, makeup, newspaper industry and a number of other sectors.

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