Stainless Steel Products 

Uses of Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel products do well in a number of applications. Due to its good conductivity and capacity to be tempered, it’s often used for making cookware, pipes, and a wide range of mechanical equipment. Many people also use stainless steel inside their pipes and water heaters to avoid corrosion and maintain appliances from corrosion. It is also sometimes used for creating body guards and security fittings for those who perform dangerous work, because it’s powerful enough to withstand most pressure.

Stainless steel Products


Chromium-based stainless steel products are specially well suited to protecting machines from corrosion. They are particularly good at doing so in areas where there is high salt content, high temperatures, and/or frequent contact with saltwater (which can cause rust in both carbon and chromium dioxide ). Some high-carbon steel items, like steam pipes, may benefit from the inclusion of chromium. The two elements, when applied together, form an alloy with properties which prevent corrosion, even in very salty conditions.


Because of its high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, stainless steel products are usually used for creating hardening accessories, for example: t-bars, hardening tools, austensites, and heat-tours. Hardening accessories are used to raise the hardness of stainless steel or any other metal by increasing the amount of chromium and vanadium inside the alloy. Hardening tools are used for shaping, drilling, punching, and grinding. When coupled with stainless steel manufacturing techniques, hardening tools can produce very hard stuff. The metal itself, through austenitic crystallization, creates martensite, which is useful for cutting and bending.

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